Software Development

R Programming with qplot in ggplot2

The qplot function produces insightful visualizations even with limited data and arguments. I’ll demonstrate some basic graphs in this introduction post to R programming with qplot in ggplot2. The ggplot2 library is required to use the qplot() function, t. Use… Read More ›

R Scatter Plot with GGPlot2

This post shares some basic knowledge on creating an R scatter plot with GGPlot2. Read a File and Load ‘ggplot2’ Package mydata <- read.csv(file.choose())install.packages(“ggplot2”) The first line of code opens an interactive plot allowing selection of file. The second line… Read More ›

R Data Frame Analysis

This post covers some of the basic R data frame analysis functions. I’ll demonstrate how some of these functions work with matrices too. I’ve used the CheckWeight data set which comes out-of-the-box with the R programming runtime. data(“ChickWeight”) Type the… Read More ›