Office 365 and SharePoint – Human Resources (HR) – Performance Reviews using Document Sets and Content Organizer with Send to Connections

Let’s give Human Resources (HR) a chance to shine as they tackle business management in Office 365 and SharePoint by implementing Westmorr’s Annual Performance Review process using Document Sets and the Content Organizer with Send to Connections.

As is done throughout this series, I have to assume you’ve read the previous posts that have detailed how the Sales team built the first parts of their Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system. The topics that I’m skimming over below have been covered in depth in those other posts. In this blog entry, the detailed content is going to focus on using the Content Organizer and Send to Connections to elevate privileges and route Annual Performance Reviews into a protected document library.

Human Resources Performance Review Implementation in SharePoint

Here’s the breakdown of how things are going to be setup:

  • There will be a custom content type, Performance Review, that is based on the out-of-the-box Document content type.
  • On every division’s top-level site, there will be a Performance Reviews document library.
  • Within the document libraries, each Manager will have a private Document Set which they use to store their direct team’s Performance Review documents.
  • After signing-off on the reviews, the Manager will use the Content Organizer and Send To Connections feature to route the reviews to a protected library accessible only by Human Resources.

Set Up the Performance Review Content Type and Site Columns

You already know how to set-up content types and site columns because you read the Office 365 and SharePoint – Sales Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) – Taxonomy with Content Types and Site Columns post. Below we see the definitions as an example for you to elaborate on. These are all created at the Site Collection level so that they can be re-used across sites.

Here are the Performance Review site columns created by Human Resources:

Business Management O365 SharePoint performance review columns.

Don’t forget, you can enforce min-and-max values for PR Score in the definition of the site column:

Business Management O365 SharePoint enforcing minimum and maximum values.

When applied, the final site-collection available content type (Performance Review) looks as follows:

Business Management O365 SharePoint performance review content type.

Set Up the Performance Review Document Set Content Type and Site Columns for the Human Resources (HR) Site

This Business Management in O365 and SharePoint series hasn’t covered Document Sets yet. Set-up the site columns and content types as explained below for now, and keep reading for additional information (i.e. on Document Sets).

Here are the site columns:

Business Management O365 SharePoint performance review site columns.

And, here is the site content type definition. Note the “Parent” value:

Business Management O365 SharePoint performance review content type.

Configure the SharePoint Document Library for Performance Review Document Sets and Documents

You’ll repeat this for every top-level division site in the Intranet. Below, we see (somebody in the Intranet Owners group) go into the Marketing division top-level site and configure the Performance Review Document Set in a document library. Here’s a breakdown of what you’re about to see (some of which should be review):

  • Create a document library for Performance Reviews.
  • Specify the default content type and new button order for the library to promote the Document Set.
  • Specify the new button order again, but this time for the Document Set instead of the library.

This is all review if you’ve been following along with the series…except for the application directly to a document set.

First, create the library and go to the list settings:

Then, enable management of content types. That’s through Advanced Settings > Allow management of content types

Setup the list to support the new Performance Review and PR Review Set content types. Then, change the available options on the list to only allow PR Review Set:


Create the new Performance Review Document Set:

Change the default order on the Performance Review document set itself.

Business Management O365 SharePoint document set button order.

Finally, let’s see how to set permissions on the document set so that only Marketing Owners and the manager himself/herself can work with the content. This is a key feature of Document Sets, in that, permissions management is promoted.

Configuring the Content Organizer

Here’s an overview of what’s going to occur in this section:

  • Create a private site under the Human Resources top-level division site that’s setup to hold finalized performance review document sets.
  • Enable and configure the Content Organizer feature.
  • Configure the Content Organizer Settings and Content Organizer Rules settings.

First, create a new “Performance Reviews” site with unique permissions. I won’t cover all of this here because it’s written-up in depth in the blog titled Office 365 and SharePoint – Sales Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) – Creating the Sales Site and Setting Unique Permissions. Create the site and grant access only to those users who should be able to work with Performance Reviews, for example, the HR Owners group or a new group “Performance Reviewers”.

Now, enable the Content Organizer Feature:

Go back into Site Settings and you’ll now see the Content Organizer Settings and Content Organizer Rules options as well as a new Drop Off Library document library. I’ll touch on the Drop Off library at the end of this post. For now, let’s keep moving forward.

Business Management O365 SharePoint Content Organizer site settings.

Click into Content Organizer Settings, and scroll all the way to the bottom – the default values are good. Copy and save the Submissions Points URL…you’ll need it for later.

Business Management Office 365 SharePoint content organizer submission points URL.

Go into the “Documents” document library in the Performance Review site and add “PR Review Set” and “Performance Review” as available content types (see Management of Content Types above if you are unsure about this step).

Business Management O365 SharePoint Documents Content Types.

Now, click into Content Organizer Rules, add a new item, and configure it as follows:

  • Name: Send PR Review Sets to Documents
  • Status: Active > Priority 1 (Highest)
  • Content Type: PR Review Set
  • Destination: Select the site’s “Documents” library
  • Automatically create a folder for each unique value of a property: PR Year

Business Management O365 SharePoint Content Organizer Rule.


Configure Records Management – Send To Connections

You’ll need to be a SharePoint Admin to carry out the next steps. If you’re not, partner up with your Information Technology SharePoint lead.

Before proceeding, make sure you have the Submission Points URL from above copied/saved.

Navigate to the SharePoint Admin Center and choose “records management“. Paste the Submission Points URL into the “Send To URL” setting. It’s recommended to use the “Click here to test” link to validate your entry into that field.

Business Management O365 SharePoint Records Management.

When configured as above, you’ll see the new Send To Connections entry:

Business Managemetn O365 SharePoint saved Send To Connections.

That’s it…time to test!

Test the Send To Connections and Validate the Content Organizer

So, you end-up with a document set full of employee reviews:

Business Management O365 SharePoint document set of reviews.

Select the Send To button and choose the new “Submit….” button

Business Management O365 SharePoint document set send to button.

Choose the new “Submit Performance Reviews” Send To Other Location option and click Send. You’ll be presented with a success dialog:

Below is the success dialog:

Business Management O365 SharePoint Content Organizer Saved to Drop Off LIbrary.

The most important sentences in that dialog are “Saved to Drop Off Library” and “It will be saved to its final location by a scheduled process“.

If you go to your Human Resources (HR) Performance Review site now, you will not find the content in the correct location immediately. You need to wait approximately 24 hours and it will be moved as designed.


Note at the end of the video above that we have a “PR Year – 2018” folder. That folder was created automatically because of the, “Automatically create a folder for each unique value of a property“, setting that was specified when creating the Content Organizer Rules. And, after waiting the necessary ~24 hours, you’ll have an empty drop-off library and find the restored document set filed under that library:

Business Management O365 SharePoint content organizer complete.

To close, another one of the great advantages of this setup is that the Content Organizer and Send To Connection features will automatically elevate privileges. The features will copy content from a site into the Human Resources Performance Review site even when users cannot do so “manually” due to restricted permissions.

The series is now going to keep pace with Human Resources (HR) for a few posts, and move away from the Sales Team and their Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution.



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