Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advanced Find

This is a quick post to highlight the default location for Advanced Find in Microsoft Dynamics 365. I’m taking screenshots from an on-premises tenant.

I was compiling documentation and wanted to cover the topic, “How to find the Microsoft Dynamics System Administrator”. To that end, I found this link –

The screenshot on that web page is older and shows the Advanced Find button as part of the quick access tool set (e.g. “Save As”, “New”, and “Set as Default”) with a binoculars icon. In later releases, version 9 in this case, the Advanced Find button is located in the top ribbon. This is actually highlighted on the “Explore Dynamics 365” splash screen, but such screens are often dismissed with the “Don’t show this again” checkbox.

So, if you cannot locate the “Advanced Find” button, here are two screen shots to help.

Note the text bubbles in the screen shot below:


And, here is the Dynamics 365 Advanced Find button shown in an actual deployment:



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