SharePoint 2013 Installed App Properties

This is a quick SharePoint 2013 developer post which highlights how to get properties of your installed apps on a given web.

The first step is to obtain the App Instance Id. You can do this by navigating to the site on which the app of interest is installed, hovering over its link in the Current Navigation area or Site Contents area, and observing the URL.


With the ‘instance_id’ value in hand, you can now execute the PowerShell commands:

$web = Get-SPWeb http://sharepoint/full/path/to/installed/site

This will now render the App details:

AppPrincipalId  : <Claims String>
InError         : <True|False>
App             : <App Class>
SiteId          : <Site GUID>
WebId           : <Web GUID>
Title           : <App Title>
Id              : <Instance_ID>
LaunchUrl       : <Relative Url>
Status          : <Installed|Other>
RemoteAppUrl    : <Remote Web Url>
AppWebFullUrl   : <Full Launch Url For App>
SettingsPageUrl : <App Settings Page Url>

In development what I find most useful are the RemoteAppUrl and the AppWebFullUrl properties. These can be used to setup DNS and browser favorites on the various machines in your test environment to enable you to test non-public URLs in a small lab environment (e.g. one without a proper DNS server).

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